Black history month brings a surprise guest to school

Kindergarten classes at a local Hannibal school got a surprise visit from a prominent African American.

Ms. Krigbaum's class at Veterans Elementary School had a visit from the President, a fake one in light of Black History month.

"It's just one month out of the year but you know these are the people that changed our lives," said Teresa Krigbaum, a kindergarten teacher at Veteran's.

Ms. Krigbaum chose four prominent African American icons to have visits with the class including Martin Luther King Jr. and George Washington Carver.

She asked the school's assistant principle, Mr. Johnson to impersonate the president, a task she says he took to another level.

"So he agreed to come in as President Barack Obama, but I didn't realize he was going to go all the way the he went, it was surprising to me too," said Krigbaum.

"She wanted to know if I could do President Barack Obama and so certainly I didn't see that as being a problem," said W.T. Johnson, assistant principle at Veterans. "So it was an opportunity to personalize it, in fact I have a listing of about twelve to fifteen characters I have done."

But Veterans Elementary isn't the only school in the district Mr. Johnson has been helping educate about black history month.

"I just finished going around to elementary schools in the district portraying and telling the life of a runaway slave that used the underground railroad," he said.

The staff says these visits from influential African Americans are ways to show children cultural diversity at a young age.

"We have so many different families in our communities and I want them to know any person in my room could grow up to be the president," said Krigbaum.

And the kids seem to be soaking it all up.

The final visitor for Ms.Krigbaum's class will be Mr. Johnson as himself.

She said the class looks at him as their very own African American hero.