Bizarre home sale in Quincy

Three families swap houses for good.

You've probably heard of the term house swap, where two families switch houses for a time. But here's a story that took it one house further and on a more permanent basis.

Three families in Quincy all put their homes up for sale around the same time. It's who bought the homes that makes this sale one of a kind.

"We were a part of a three house selling buy," said Scott Geschwandner. He and his wife Chris are one of three families that just moved into a new home this week.

"We've never had this happen in our professional careers as realtors where we've had a triangle, which means we had three buyers and sellers, and each are moving into each other's home," said Sherry Hills with Davis and Frese Realty in Quincy.

The three families had never met before, but all lived in Quincy.

"I've never heard of it happening, ever," said Susan Dolebeare, another homebuyer in the triangle. "And for everything to come in sync, like the changing of the moons, you know? I mean, everything had to align at the same time for all three people, all three families, all three lives. It was just like, oh my gosh, but I think we've made some pretty good friendships out of the deal."

"All of us have talked quite a bit as homeowners and home buyers, you know, a question here, question there. We just pick up the phone and call each other and get those questions answered. It's kind of nice really," said Geschwandner.

What's even more unique is the fact that these families have already moved into their new homes, without having finalized the contracts.

"We normally don't do this ahead of time, but in this very, very unusual circumstance that's happened, it's how we did it," said Carol Rischar, with Davis and Frese Realty in Quincy.

These families will close on their new homes Monday. At that point, each family will hand over the checks to one another.

"It was meant to be. I believe things happen for a reason, it all worked out well," said Dolebeare.

Here's the breakdown:

Chris and Scott Geschwandner bought John and Susan Dolebeare's home.

John and Susan Dolebeare bought Deena Jackson's home.

Deena Jackson bought Chris and Scott Geschwandner's home.