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      Birds of a feather stick together and hopefully go away

      You might have heard shots in Quincy Wednesday evening.

      Only these shots were perfectly legal.

      They were all part of a plan to keep the peace on the city's northwest side.

      The Quincy Business and Technology Center at third and Oak has housed various businesses for decades. But there are some tenants who have set up shop without permission. They're enjoying a bird's-eye view rent free, socializing at all hours of the day and night and even relieving themselves in problematic places.

      Now Steve Scherer with the Quincy Police Department is laying down the law.

      "These turkey vultures like to perch on this cell phone tower behind me -- upwards of 35 to 40 of them," Scherer said. They spend the night. They're here in the morning."

      So why is this communications tower such a draw? Well, just like in real estate, it's all about location, location, location.

      "When you're on the roof, it's a wonderful view," he said. "I think they just like that they can see a lot of area from where they're at. They're on a constant lookout for good. They like that river a lot because of the dead fish."

      One shot up into the air won't scare away these tough birds for long. They flocked back to the tower within 10 minutes. But Officer Scherer has a plan. He knew that would happen. That's why he plans to come back to this location twice a day until at least Friday.

      "It's a trained thing," he said. "If you do it so many times, they'll get the hint and not come back."

      The turkey vultures flocked to this same cell phone tower on the top of the Quincy Business and Technical Center about five years ago.

      The Quincy Police Department was able to effectively scare the birds away then.

      So if you hear a shot up into the air in the 3rd and Oak area in Quincy in the coming week, just remember that birds of a feather stick together and hopefully they'll go away for good.