Birddog Jamboree comes to the Tri-States

It was a celebration of sorts that the Tri-States has not seen before.

People came from around the country to support man's best friend in New London, Missouri.

More than 150 people brought their birddogs out to Ka-Tonka the Birddog Jamboree.

"We wanted to increase the numbers of possible homes that they can place dogs in. That's the bottom line. Can we get these dogs that don't have a chance and put them in a home with somebody that is going to love them and they are going to be great pets and it would be a fantastic relationship," Birddog Jamboree president J.D. Dixon said.

The jamboree festivities included field trials for the dogs as well as seminars for the hunters.

"It generates an interest in birddogs for sure and outdoor sports and different activities. I think it brings a lot of the outdoor people together for sure. And there is just a lot of education out here today," Dan Piel, who is the owner of Ka-Tonka Game Preserve said.

Dez Young and his birddog Dash attended the event. Young and Dash were the subjects of a television series about hunting with a birddog. Dash got a chance to show off his hunting skills in the flesh at the Jamboree.

Proceeds go to the Illinois Birddog Rescue to help find all birddogs a home.

Twenty different states were represented at the event.

They expected to raise around five thousand dollars throughout the weekend.