Bird napper on the loose in Hannibal!

Perhaps the bird napper on the loose in America's Hometown came to their senses because some, but not all, of the pink flamingos taken from a Hannibal front yard were returned Saturday night.

The Hannibal Courier-Post reports that according to Starla Dunn of Project Graduation, a teen-ager showed up on her porch Saturday with 16 legless flamingos. She told my husband they took them because ~we were going to flock you (Dunn), but we didn TMt grab the legs, TM said Dunn, who had already gone to bed and missed meeting the birdnapper.

Pink flamingos are not just tacky yard ornaments ... in this case, they are tacky yard ornaments for a good cause.

Nineteen pink flamingos that were a part of a local fundraising effort, were stolen from a yard on St. Mary's Avenue sometime between 7 and 8 last Friday morning.

This is the second year that Project Graduation has used the pink flamingos for fundraising purposes. For $20, volunteers shrouded by the night will 'flock the yard" of an unsuspecting victim ... and then the cycle continues when that same victim decides to pay $20 to do the same to the next person's yard.

It's a sad, sad day in Hannibal and Dunn, the fund-raising organizer with Project Graduation says, "We just want our birds back!"

Three of the nineteen missing birds are still missing and seven flamingos are still missing from Mayor Roy Hark's Marsh Ave. front lawn recently ... but first things first, they'll have to work on getting legs on the legless birds that were returned.

Dunn urges anyone with information to contact her at 795-6481.