Billing practices to change for Adams County Ambulance

The Adams County Ambulance Service is going to
start the process to bring their monthly billing system back in house.

They're also going to notify their current billing vendor that they plan to reclaim their old account receivables and see if they can recoup any of that money on their own.

Right now a company called Intermedix is the third party billing vendor to the ambulance service.

A recent audit turned up about 850 thousand dollars in accounts receivable that were almost a year old and had not been collected by Intermedix.

So now the county wants to get some of that money back and see about making changes in future billing practices.

Paul Davis is the ambulance service chief. He said Intermedix has been the billing vendor since 2008. And he is somewhat frustrated by what has transpired.


uring our ambulance board meeting we realized that our fee increases weren't generating the type of revenue that we had expected. And so earlier this year we contacted MBR to do an audit of Intermedix and to determine if there was any shortfall and there was and so now we're taking action to correct that," Davis said.

The ambulance service has a annual budget of just under $3,000,000.