Bikers ride from Sea to Shining Sea

A trip across the country seems like an adventure for anyone, but a group of disabled veterans are doing it by bike... most of them pedaling by hand.

They will be traveling 4,000 miles in 63 days. They left San Francisco May 22nd and arrived in Fort Madison Wednesday. Their goal is to change people's perspectives of athletes.

One marine we spoke to said that not only is it a great way to meet a lot of people, but it will benefit him for the rest of his life.

"I know that I accomplished the goal that I set. I know that I got an opportunity to reach out and meet a lot of people at that point. We all made it as a team and that's really important because a lot of these individuals, its your own private battle, if you will, and me - I've had my own and I've been able to overcome a lot of obstacles.

"Whenever you go through some turmoil in your life, you can always look back on something that was pretty hard or that was a challenge for you and it gives you the motivation to keep on going and to not give up on yourself," says Eric Frazier, a member of the United States Marine Corp.

They will have a rest day Thursday and a welcome reception tomorrow evening at 6:30. That will take place at the veterans memorial at Riverview Park. They will leave Friday for their next stop which is Canton, Ill.

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