Bikers in cuffs after alleged armed robbery

Police dogs were called in to inspect this building

Four men from a local biker club will face the judge Monday after an alleged armed robbery in Quincy.

Sunday evening police arrested 54-year-old Zane E. Liggett of Springfield, 54-year-old Timothy Jackson of Roodhouse, 43-year-old Gerald Utterback of Barry, Ill. and 38-year-old Joseph Teel Jr. of Barry Ill. after tracking the group to the Percenters MC Clubhouse in Liberty.

All four men now face charges of armed robbery and mob action.

Investigators say the alleged robbery happened around 2:15 p.m. at 12th and Hampshire Streets in Quincy between two biker clubs in the area. According to Quincy police, two men from an unnamed club said they were riding through Quincy when a group of Percenters Club bikers approached them. One of the Percenters allegedly robbed the two at gun point and the group fled.

"These are opposite motorcycle clubs. We're not going to call it gang related at this point but they are wearing the colors and the jackets of motorcycles. And through the investigation, we were able to take some people in custody, at least for preliminary purposes in the investigation, to be questioned," Patrol Sgt. Daniel Duhamel with the Quincy Police Department said.

The Adams County Sheriff's Department, Illinois State Conservation Police and Quincy Police helped stop the suspects in Liberty shortly after the incident.

The four men were arrested just outside of the Percenters MC Club House at Pittsfield and Main Streets following identification from one of the victims.

No one was hurt and no shots were fired.

The Illinois State Police brought in police K-9s to further investigate the Percenters MC building.

Investigators also recovered several guns and other evidence at the club.

Percenters MC is an exclusive biker club.



's Jamie Busen contributed to this report by Brooke Hasch.)