Bike paths in Macomb?

KHQA spoke with Macomb Community Development Coordinator Ed Basch about creating a network of bike paths throughout the city.

He said the city has talked about establishing these paths for several years.

Basch told us many residents feel the city is "under served" when it comes to accommodating bicyclists.

The proposed paths would start with a few on-street bike lanes on one way streets.

There are also future plans for more on-street lanes and off-street paths.

Basch said the obvious motive behind these paths would be the safety of bicyclists, but he also said it would make the city more accessible.

"The other thing is that having a university your going to have more bicyclists then you would otherwise," said Basch, "and we're looking at connecting the campus to different parts of the community through bicycle traffic. That should help students who may not have access to a car and keep traffic down."

Basch also said paths would make the downtown area more accessible to shoppers.

As with the proposed historic district the bike paths will have to go through public hearings and get city council approval.

The city council has the final say on adopting both propositions.