Big win means big plans for Lewistown woman

Glenda Sparrow shows off her big check!

A Lewistown woman says she may take an early retirement after hitting the jackpot last week.

Glenda Sparrow matched five numbers on her Missouri Lottery Show Me Cash ticket May 14 to win the $191,000 jackpot.

She bought the winning ticket at County Market Express in Lewistown.

According to a press release, Sparrow has set plans for the win, which may include an early retirement.

â??Iâ??m going to pay off all my bills, give my (three) kids $10,000 apiece, and the rest is for me,â?? she declared. â??I might buy a new car, and maybe a new house.â??

She was more than happy with her win on the state game, which has produced 55 jackpot winners in the last 12 months. Sparrow said she would continue to play Show Me Cash.

â??Just keep on playing, because it will happen. I didnâ??t think it would, but it did,â?? she explained. â??I was hoping for the whole group, but it could still happen, right?â??

According to a release, Sparrow could hardly believe her eyes.

â??I said, â??Well, Iâ??ve got to check the numbers on the computer,â?? and I did,â?? she recalled. â??I just kept looking at them. I had to get up once or twice and walk around.â??

Not only did she recognize her numbers as the winners, but she also won $250 on another ticket she had purchased. Sparrow used that prize to celebrate the win that night.

â??We just had a good time,â?? she said with a smile. â??I was buying roundsâ?¦â??

Sparrow normally buys tickets for co-workers at Quincy Compressor, choosing whatever jackpot is the largest at the time.

â??Well, Iâ??m in a group, too, of 29 players at work. And weâ??ve been trying to win the big one there,â?? she began. â??I play Show Me Cash all by myself. I told them at work, 2013 is going to be a good year, but I didnâ??t know it was just for me!â??

They play twice a week, but she admitted to playing her Show Me Cash numbers â??everyday.â?? She used her own numbers from a Quick Pick ticket purchased years ago. The May 14 winning Show Me Cash numbers were: 3, 5, 7, 13 and 34.