Big cat caught on camera near Payson

Taken August 12, 2012 near Payson, Ill.

Big cat sightings are not new to the Tri-States. In fact, every few months we get wind of a new photo or two surfacing from area landowners.

Sometimes the photos seem to be of a mountain lion ... sometimes they may be of a bobcat. Most of them come from hunter's cameras, also known as trail cams or field cameras.

Monday, KHQA received photos of what appears to be a bobcat from a viewer who asked to remain anonymous. They were taken on a piece of property near Payson, Illinois on July 22, August 11 and August 12, all in 2012.

One relative of that viewer has lived there for about 60 years and he wanted to believe that they were around, but would deny it.

Then came the proof ... right on film.

The viewer told us that last November he had a big cat cross right in front of him at the edge of Payson coming out of a neighborhood onto Hwy. 96.

Would you call the pictured cat a bobcat?

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