Beware of job scams

Here's a KHQA Alert.

With the economy the way it is, and the unemployment rate getting higher, be on the lookout for job scams.

KHQA's Chad Douglas called several police departments in the Tri-states, and so far nothing has been reported in our area.

But we've heard of several scam floating around the internet.

Some of them look as if they come from credible websites like career builder dot com.

Remember to never give out personal or banking information to someone you don't know.

That could be someone on the phone, or a website you're not sure about.

Gary Almond with the Better Business Bureau says, "Employers pay you. Not the other way around. If an employer is asking for money from you, it's probably a scam."

If you do feel like you've been taken in a scam, it's important to call police and your bank to try and cut down on the damage it could cause.