Beware electricity scammers!

Quincy residents need to be on the lookout for a person trying to sell you power.

Reg Ankrom with energy consulting firm SIMEC says that more than 20 residents have contacted City Hall about a recent scam.

They say people have come to their door acting as representatives for the city and asking them to sign a new contract for their electric services.

This is not a valid offer.

The city of Quincy decided to aggregate electricity to lower the prices for its customers on Monday.

Since then, there has been no need to contact Quincy residents.

"We're told they were asked for their Ameren bills, so then, they could take a look at them. And then they were offering folks a rate of 5.48 cents per kilowatt hour. That's the same rate as Ameren.So there is no savings with this contract. But what could be surprisingly unpleasant, is there could be a $150 charge to get out of the contract," Ankrom said.

One person reportedly did sign the contract.

The Quincy Police Department is investigating this scam.