Better your bowling skills

Fleming is 22-years-old, and that makes her the youngest woman in the Quincy area to earn a score of 300.

Danielle Fleming is no stranger to bowling. She's been mastering her skills at Casino Lanes since she was four, but last month she experienced a first. She bowled a perfect game.

"It was a very big accomplishment," Fleming said. "I didn't know what to think, I was excited."

Fleming is 22-years-old. That makes her the youngest woman in the Quincy area to bowl a 300.

There are some perks to getting a perfect score beside bragging rights. Fleming will get a ring from the United States Bowling Congress and she'll receive a plaque from the Quincy Women's Bowling Association. The QWBA will also record her score permanently in their books.

So what does it take to earn a perfect score? Fleming says all you need to master is a few simple steps.

One, watch your stance.

"Your going to have about four strides, when you get to the end you're going to bend a little bit because when you get to the end you're not going to get very much."

Two, watch you aim and use the arrows on the lane to guide you.

Three, check your release.

"You're going to go strait up with your hand like your shaking hands with someone," Fleming said. "Do not twist your wrist because then your ball is going to go in the opposite direction."

And the most important step?

"Just go have fun with your friends," she said. "It's all about having fun, it's not all about what you get in score."