Berrian teacher emphasizes taking math outside the classroom

Jamie Hamby is the March recipient for One Class at a Time.

Jamie Hamby walked into work Monday morning, and knew something was different.

Both her husband and mother were at Berrian Elementary School where she works as a third grade teacher.

"I was beginning to wonder and anxiety kind of building, like what's going on," Hamby said.

Little did she know, she would soon get the surprise of a lifetime.

She found out she was the March recipient for One Class at a Time.

"I kind of feel like I went blank for a second like 'Oh my gosh, this really means a thousand dollars for my classroom,' and I was speechless, it's just amazing," Hamby said. "It's really hard these days for schools and teachers to give and provide students with what they need. And when our community members and everybody can kind of help out with that, it's an amazing opportunity and I'm just so grateful for it."

Mrs. Hamby, as her students know her, wasn't the only one overcome with excitement.

Her students like Keaton Crowder and Libby Phelps say they can't think of a more deserving person for this recognition.

"I was very happy and excited that our teacher won," Crowder said. "She really encourages kids that they can learn a lot and that they can never give up."

"I was really happy for my teacher and I was really excited to see what she'll be able to get for our classroom," Phelps said. "She's a kind and nice teacher. It's like a big room of fun with her."

Hamby plans to use the One Class at a Time money to send her students home with a kit of math problems and activities.

She thinks continuing the education at home will leave a lasting impact on her students.

"All of my kids are going to be able to use this for years to come," said Hamby "It's really exciting to see that we can practice math at home and parents can see what we're doing here in the classroom as well and have that knowledge."

If you're interested in applying for One Class at a Time, you can click here.