Berrian and Kroc build wellness partnership

Students at

Berrian Elementary School

are going to learn how to live well.

The Kroc Center

in Quincy will partner with the south side school in an effort to teach the students about health, nutrition and wellness.

Kroc Center staff started the pilot program at Berrian last year.

The school and the center And because of the positive feedback and the results.

Some program offerings include health and wellness days, an end of the year party, music lessons and camps during the summer.

There is no cost to the students for these programs.

â??The mission of the Kroc Center is to reach out into the community and provide programs that people can use,â??

Salvation Army Lt. Rich Forney

said. â??We think this is a great way to introduce these young people to what we offer as well as teaching them about health, wellness and nutrition."

There are 220 students who attend Berrian. It's a school that has kindergarten through 3rd grade.