Before you hit the snowy roadways

Vandermaiden also pointed out that speed is one of the main issues when it comes to winter driving problems.

Poor weather contributes to more than one and a half million vehicular accidents annually in the U.S. But there are several ways you can avoid being a statistic.

Taking the proper winter driving precautions can help keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

With the first snow fall of the year under our feet, it's important to remember the precautions that come with winter driving. With 7 thousand fatalities, and eight hundred thousand injuries related to weather driving, it's something to prepare for a head of time.

Kelly Vandermaiden with the Quincy Police Department Pro-Act office shared with KHQA some important things to do before hitting the road.

"Make sure you clear off your windshield, your side windows, and your back window," Vandermaiden said. Clearing all of those off could prevent you from trouble along the way.

"People that do just clear off a little bit of their windshield like a peep hole driving, is definitely not a good idea, and you can be cited for that, obstructive windshield, clear vision through the state statute or city ordinance violation," Vandermaiden explained.

And while you're at it, don't forget your headlights, tail lights, and license plate as well.

Assistant Manager Mark Bodwell from the Quincy Farm and Home also shared some ways to be safe and secure before taking to the street.

He recommends the standard brush and scraper for every car, but also recommends to have these items ready and waiting.

"I would suggest probably either getting some kitty litter, if you don't want to carry sand around, kitty litter also works that you can put behind your tires if you were to get stuck when it gets icy, that'll give you some traction to get out. We've got a small, little adjustable shovel. This can fit in anybody's vehicle, it'll fit the trunk, it'll fit in your back seat or whatever. If you were to get stuck, or something like that, you can pull this out. This would at least allow you to free your wheels," Bodwell said.

Bodwell shared one last important piece of advice.

"The best time is to prepare a head of the snow storm instead of waiting for the snow storm to hit," he said.

Vandermaiden also pointed out that speed is one of the main issues when it comes to winter driving problems.