Beer brewed by you

Leonard Rosenkrans has been home brewing beer for more than 10 years.

Leonard Rosenkrans works at a cement plant by day, but by night he's home brewer.

"It's interesting to see the level of quality that home brewers are producing now," Rosenkrans said. "It's really fantastic."

He's been home brewing beer for more than 10 years. He's even a certified home brewing judge.

"It allows you to go to the home brew competitions major clubs have," Rosenkrans said. "So I'll travel to Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City and help them. You get about 40 or 50 people and you'll judge about 750 beers over a weekend."

He's so passionate about his hobby, he's teaching a class on how you too, can brew beer at home (get an inside look to the class, here.)

"I got it in my head that I wanted to promote home brewing in this area because it's very popular across the country, but not as much in this particular area," Rosenkrans said. "I thought if there aren't a lot of home brewers here, maybe they just need to have some assistance."

But for Rosenkrans it's not all about the beer.

"I enjoy talking to people about it and having people come over and we'll brew together," Rosenkrans said.

Still, knowing you put in the time and patience to cook it, makes that first taste of your brewski a little bit better.

"The product is pretty nice," Rosenkrans said.

Rosenkrans' home brewing class will be held at John Wood Community College.

You can learn how to register for the course, here.