Becky Thatcher House joins voting coalition for Pepsi Grant

Folks at the Mark Twain Museum hope to help themselves while helping others.

They have joined a voting coalition as they work towards the $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project for the Becky Thatcher House.

The coalition includes the Mark Twain Group and eight other non-profit organizations.

Members of the coalition agree to vote for each other's projects each day to gain additional votes.

"We're telling all our folks vote for those other folks, they're telling their supporters vote for them and I think when you're working on a team like that and really trying to spread the word I really see it helping us a lot," said Ryan Murray with the Mark Twain Museum.

The Becky Thatcher House has moved up to #6 in votes.

In Quincy the Madonna House is no longer in contention for the Pepsi Grant but plans to resubmit in March for a new round of possible grants.

The Quincy YMCA also is no longer in the running.

You can continue voting daily just as you have done. But consider this extra step:

The key is to go in through the coalition URL to start. If already registered with Pepsi, go to and you will see the list of coalition members. In your favorites section, add this page so you can return easily when needed.


Click the vote button by Save Mark Twain. Log in and you will return to the coalition page.

Vote for Save Mark Twain and as many other of the agencies as you please. (Any in the $250,000 grant size are competing with us.)

When complete, log out using the button at the bottom of the page.

This online voting can be done once daily from each e-mail address you have available.


See the icon on the Pepsi page, or use the URL to get going.


Text to Pepsi at 73774 the message 104141. Do not include anything else in your message. You will get a text back saying you voted.