Beat the heat with a new summer look

With summer weather, comes hot, humid days and nights.

With summer weather, comes hot, humid days and nights.

But that doesn't mean you should forego your hairstyles.

When it comes to styling your locks during summer, it can be tricky to find a style that both looks good and is easy to do.

Easy styles like a side braid is a cute addition, and is low maintenance.

You can also add a new element to your ponytail.

Kris Kutcher owns Kristopher's Hair Studio in Quincy, and thinks it's easy to jazz up something like a pony tail by adding a twist or braid.

Shampooing, using products and styling your hair every day can not only get old during hot summer days, but it can damage your hair.

Using dry shampoo can extend the life of your style, and it leaves your hair feeling healthier.

"It actually removes the debris, from the hair, any oils that your body might have produced ," Kutcher said. " It also takes away anything like environmentally. Right now, we're going through all the pollen, you know so much pollen flying in the air, and all that green all over the table, well it's getting on your hair also."

For blondes, chlorine can be a nightmare when it adds a green color to your hair.

You don't have to skip out on swimming, just follow this advice.

"Always shampoo it before you let it dry ," said Kutcher. " Make sure and get it completely shampooed after you get it out of the chlorine, because that will keep the chlorine from building up on your hair. And a clarifying shampoo, you can get all kinds of different professional ones of you can get it on the market. Clarifying shampoos will help to strip that off. And then if you end getting like a greenish tone in your hair this summer, or you get a really dry, you need to into a salon, and have somebody, a professional take care of it."

Kutcher says as long as your hairstyle reflects your personality, you're ready to enjoy your summer.

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