Beardstown's acting fire chief resigns

Beardstown's acting fire chief has stepped down from his role.

City Clerk Petie Ruch confirmed to KHQA that Darin Paul resigned from the position June 4.

Ruch did not indicate a reason for the resignation.

Family members of two people who died in a fire recently filed complaints with the City of Beardstown against Assistant Fire Chief Keith Reller and Acting Fire Chief Darin Paul.

Members of the Krohe family also filed a complaint in Cass County against dispatcher Damon McComb.

Bud and Jenny Krohe died when Bud's mobile home went up in flames April 15, 2012.

Family members and the community complained of employee misconduct surrounding a 911 call about the fire.

An Illinois Fire Marshal's report lists the fire as undetermined and has closed its investigation.

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