Beardstown police cracking down on meth in the city

The Beardstown Police busted one of the largest meth labs ever seen in this area on Friday.

It was one of two meth arrests in a growing problem not only in Beardstown but the whole Tri-State area.

It all started with a 2 a.m. traffic stop by Beardstown police which led to a brief chase where a truck attempted to jump a curb and nearly crashed into the back of a business before it was stopped.

An officer found a locked box with an active meth lab inside of it.

18-year-old Brandon Winder and 20-year-old Andrew Dozert were arrested and taken into custody.

And then around 10 a.m. Friday morning, law enforcement from the city, county and state discovered a large scale meth lab in the garage behind a home at 201 Clay Street.

Two more suspects were taken into custody.

They are 29-year-old Kyle Hogan and 37-year-old Clay Lewis.

Beardstown Police Chief Tom Schlueter says that there has been increase in meth use in the city.

"In the last couple of months we have seen a rise in meth use amongst citizens within the city. We've been pinpointing who's involved in making the meth and who also is involved in using the meth and today went after the makers, the providers," Cheif Schlueter said. "We want to stop it at the stem. That's pretty much what brought us to today."

Chief Schluter says that so far officers have weighed out close to 900 grams from the meth lab in the garage on Clay street.

Despite the challenges to himself and his officers Chief Schlueter says that he is committed to fighting this problem and protecting the citizens of Beardstown.

"We have 34 different nationalities in Beardstown, and it's my responsibility to protect everybody. Whether it's from drugs, whether it's from anything like that. And we're gonna do, even short handed and with cutbacks were still gonna do everything possible to keep drugs out of our community," he said.