Beardstown celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Beardstown celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Beardstown hosted its 11th annual Cinco De Mayo celebration at Ark Zeek Park. It's a big celebration that people love to attend.

"May 5th and Mother's Day Celebration," Amigos Unidos Committee President Julio Flores said. "It's specific about our history day in Mexico, but this day has a strong recognition in the United States and Mother's Day is around the World recognizes it. For that, we put together a celebration and every year we have this event in this park."

"We just, you know, have some great music and lots of good food to look forward too and then also, we see a lot of friends of ours down here as well," Beardstown resident Trevor Cottle said.

Although Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexico's history, other ethnic groups contribute to this fiesta.

In addition to all of the great food the vendors sell, the celebration offers a wide range of entertainment.

It's even impacted the way some of Beardstown's farmers sell their crops.

"It's really great because there's a big Hispanic community in Beardstown now, and we just come to sell corn," Beardstown resident Nina Arnold said. "We didn't even know, they actually shaped the way we make our corn and sell it. When we first started selling it, it was just corn, butter and salt and then they told us,like, no, you got to put mayonnaise on it and cheese and chilly powder."

It also brings many people with different backgrounds together.

"It's just made me very open minded when I go to other places, like, I'm more open to other cultures and stuff like that, you know, because I've been around it here," Arnold said.

"It's a good reflection about the Hispanic culture. We are changing our perspectives, our cultural perspectives with other groups. In this town we have people from Africa from different countries of Latin America," Flores said.

And everyone who attended this years Cinco De Mayo celebration left full of good food and great memories.

Although Beardstown's May 5th and Mother's Day Celebration was Sunday, Cinco De Mayo is actually Monday.

Don't forget to celebrate the holiday with some good Mexican food and beverages.