Be the best and brightest on the block

It may not be an official contest between you and your neighbor but every holiday season when their house is decorated better than yours, it irks you just a little bit.

So this Christmas outshine them visually and rhythmically.

"Through technology now-a-days with LED lighting there's a lot of different things we can do," Mike Goodwin, Home Depot associate, said. "There's a lot of different things you can set up on the outside to synchronize your lights so you can pick and choose what music you want and the lights dance to the music."

New LED lights are also earth friendly.

"It doesn't use as much energy, it doesn't burn as hot and the safety is so much better," Goodwin said.

Keep the green trend going by making your lights automatic.

"We also have timers and outlets that allow now that allow it to be dust until dawn so you no longer have to go out and turn on or off your lights," Goodwin said. "When the sun goes down or up they turn on or off."

Saving you even more energy and money.

"It's going to cut your energy use down tremendously," Goodwin said. "When you go to figure out how much your spend in that month and half your decorating, the savings will add up."

But always remember one thing when illuminating your home ...

"... safety first," Goodwin said. "Make sure your being safe and keep you and your family safe."

That will ensure you'll be around to see your neighbors face when they first glance at your holiday, high-tech decorated home.