Battling the elements didn't faze the life chain

Right to Life members lined the streets.

If you drove down Maine Street in Quincy on Sunday, you may have seen a line of people dotting the street.

It was all a part of an effort by the Right to Life of Adams County to bring awareness to pro-life issues.

This chain of people didn't have it easy today.

They stood in the wind and rain to make their message known.

Rebecca Koetters is the Vice President of the Right to Life of Adams County and described what it was like during the chain.

"It's just a very silent time, it's a sovereign time, just a time where you can have a passion for the unborn, and you just pray throughout the entire time," Koetters said.

For an hour, around 75 people stood as a public witness for this movement, hoping that cars driving by would read the signs.

Beth Cornwell is the President of the Right to Life of Adams County and appreciated the support they received today.

"I think the community supports Right to Life. I think they support the pro-life issues. I mean, if you're going to come out today, you're a supporter. It's really to make people aware of pro-life issues, especially the abortion issue, and to try to gain more support, but really, to make people stop and think," Cornwell said.

Around twelve hundred cities in the United States also participated in the chain.

Koetters hopes the message of the life chain continues.

"The life chain has been going for about 10 to 12 years now, and it just shows that the ongoing support of the community and just how we can do it every makes a big impact," Koetters said.

The Right to Life of Adams County's next event will be a Respect Life Dinner on October 15 at the Quincy Knights of Columbus.