Battle of barbecue at Smoke on the River

Smoke on the River competitor

Thirty one barbecue teams from all over the U.S. put their best sauces and seasonings to work in the 7th annual Smoke on the River barbecue competition this weekend.

Organized by the Quincy Exchange Club, the event brings plenty of sweet-smelling smoke to Quincy's Kesler Park.

Teams are judged in four categories: chicken, brisket, pork, and ribs. A winner is selected in each category, and an overall grand champion will be selected as well.

Judging begins Saturday at noon, as many of the teams will begin grilling their entries the night before - some allowing as many as 18 hours of cooking time.

The event has gained popularity with each year, as the competition and food seem to get better as well.

"The first year, we had about 23 teams compete. Now we're up to 31 and we've had a top of 39 last year, so it fluctuates every year. But what has changed the most is the quality of the teams - this year we have the number 3 team in the nation competing. We're attracting a lot of quality teams." Dan Veihl of the Quincy Exchange Club said.

The grand champion will take home the top prize of $1,500 and bragging rights until 2014.

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