Barryâ??s pool remains closed due to lack of funds

Barry's City Administrator Lance Kendrick hopes the pool will open soon.

Many kids are spending their summer break at the swimming pool. But kids and families living in one Pike County, Illinois city don't have that option.

There's something missing at the Barry Municipal pool. It's not water or a diving board. It's people.

Families have visited this pool for more than 30 years, but this year an issue has come up.

"One of the issues is, that we typically have to subsidize pool operations though the city's general fund. This year we had an opportunity to apply for a grant," Lance Kendrick said. "We applied for 56,000 dollars in youth recreation grant funding."

A few months ago, city administrator Lance Kendrick applied for a state grant.

Part of that grant would go towards paying pool employees.

"There would be 14 people that we would potentially hire, if we receive the grant. If we don't receive the grant, we may have to figure out some different funding sources," Kendrick said. " And may not be able to hire as many."

But the grant hasn't been approved, meaning the pool is forced to stay closed.

That's caused a big problem for David Motley - it means his daughter is out of a summer job.

"She just got off of, out of college. So trying to make some money for next year," Motley said. "And so she was counting on having a job for the summer."

Motley hopes the grant is approved soon for the good of the city.

"I just feel it's something that's vital to the community," Motley said. "We don't, you never want to lose things in your community and I think the municipal pool is a vital part of that."

Until the grant is approved, or a different source of funding is found, the pool will remain closed.