Barry pet owner alerts public about neighborhood animal abuse

Hausman's cat found and pulled her deceased cat out of a bush Thursday morning (submitted photo)

A Tri-State pet owner and mother has had it with animal abuse in her neighborhood.

Now, she wants to alert other pet owners in her community about animal abuse cases that have devastated her and her family.

Tara Hausman's cat, Matter disappeared last Friday.

She went door to door interviewing her neighbors.

She discovered 15 cats have gone missing within two-blocks of her house, which is located near a school.

Two cats returned home with bullet wounds.

Thursday morning, her other pet cat, Zoe, pulled Matter's decaying body out from under a bush.

Tara thinks someone shot her cat, so she called authorities.

Her son left for school that morning after finding out someone killed their family pet.

"It's not just a cat, and I know many of these families feel the same way," Hausman said. "These were our family members. These were our companions. There are laws, and those laws are meant to protect those pets."

Tara is now asking other residents to step forward who've experienced a pet missing, injured or killed.

KHQA reached out to the Pike County, Illinois Sheriff's office.

Authorities there confirmed that they're investigating a case of animal abuse.

If you or anyone you know have any information about these cases, you're asked to call the Pike County, Illinois Sheriff's office at (217) 285-4471.

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