Barnyard Baseball: Donkeys rule the diamond in Pike County

It was like something straight out of 'Field of Dreams' - sort of. There was a field. As for the dreams, replace those with ...

"I have never done anything this weird before in my life,"

"I had no idea what this was until this morning when I was called about it," Scott Hodges said.

Hodges is this traveling team's manager, so to speak. People ask him a lot of questions.

"They want to know what you're doing with all of those donkeys, that's usually the first thing that comes up," he said.

Surely the players can shed some light on the whole experience.

"I think a lot of the sports we play in high school are a lot easier than this. Getting up on the donkey is about the hardest thing," he said. "The toughest part would probably be the donkey cooperating - or when you get on the donkey after you hit the ball and trying to stay on."

So is baseball a donkey's best sport?

"That's a tough question - they do better at others," Hodges said.

You don't say.

"Their strengths are that they don't let anybody get to the base, but their weaknesses are fielding for sure. They need a couple more years in triple-A before they go up," he explained.