Band Royal Bliss takes over the KHQA patio

Royal Bliss and the KHQA This Morning crew!

As you may know, KHQA This Morning likes to have lots of fun live from 5-7 a.m. and Friday morning is no exception.

We invited the band Royal Bliss to our show to take over our KHQA patio and provide some live entertainment!

Royal Bliss is a modern rock band that hails from a Salt Lake City basement.

Getting their big break in 2006 when they were noticed by Jason Flom from Capitol Records, Neal Middleton is lead vocals and guitar; Taylor Richards is guitar and vocals; Dwayne Crawford is bass and vocals and finally Jake Smith is drums and percussion. Read all about the band on their

website here


The band members have been through it all together. They have battled addiction, had near death experiences, faced car crashes and more.

Their song Devils and Angels best demonstrates the trek band members have made ... making the listener feel like you are stuck in the middle, faced with making a choice.

Band members say their influences range from Johnny Cash to Snoop Lion, Led Zeppelin and the Foo Fighters and they have toured with such acts as Buckcherry, Candlebox, Chevelle, Kid Rock and Papa Roach.

They were only at KHQA's studio for just over two hours, but we managed to fit in live performances and even a weather segment with lead singer Neal Middleton on the green screen. (Click here to watch the behind the scenes video.)

Middleton made sure to mention the "Royal Bliss tornado" coming to Hannibal tonight. They are set to perform at The Hannibal POPS Club at 7 p.m. Click here for ticket info.

Breakfast for the band and everyone in attendance was provided by The Butcher Block.

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