Backpack search at Camp Point school

Safety was the number one priority at the Jr. High and High School in Camp Point Wednesday.

After discovering a threat written on a bathroom wall on Tuesday, parents and students were informed that all backpacks would be checked as the kids entered the school.

Along with the backpack checks, the school was searched from top to bottom Tuesday night by the Adams County Sheriff's Department and Wednesday morning by a special team from Springfield.

Superintendent Marty Cook says kids need to understand that this is a serious offense and an investigation is underway.

"We got a couple of calls last night with some parents talking to their children and their children gave them some things that they wanted to pass on to me. So we're taking that information and passing it on to the law enforcement," Cook said. "They'll be doing some investigating, talking to some kids today. We've got some ideas on avenues we might pursue."

Cook says that the person or people who wrote on the wall could be expelled from school for the incident.

He also had high praise for the quick law enforcement response and the school phone notification system which alerted parents of the situation on Tuesday.