Baby proofing before your big arrival

When your baby arrives it's going to be unpredictable so the best thing you can do is prepare you and your family as much as possible.

Betty Coonrod knows about getting read for a baby, she's had five of her own. She's also a registered nurse at the Adams County Health Department that works with expecting moms.

She says the first thing you should take care of is your first baby, your pet.

"You just have to prepare you pets," she said. "A good way to do that is when mom and baby are still in the hospital send dad home with a blanket or a t-shirt something that the baby has been wearing that way they can get use to the smell of the baby."

While still pregnant, mom can also try wearing the baby's lotion. Also make sure the dogs are fully trained before your new addition comes home.

Next, take a look at the rest of your family.

"Infants under six months can not get a flu shot so it's important that anyone that comes into contact with them are protected from the flu so that they do not give the flu to the baby," Coonrod said.

Coonrad also encourages the Pertussis vaccine. After the health precautions are taken care of, look at your baby's safety. Studies have shown that four out of five car seats are installed improperly.

"All car seats have the level indicator on the side and it's important that, that level indicator be straight in the car to properly protect your baby in case of a colision," Coonrod said.

If it's not leveled, try using a towel or even a pool noodle to make it even.

Baby's are expensive but you might want to think twice about that hand-me-down crib.

"You can save a lot of money," Coonrod said. "You need to go home and check the manufacturers website to make sure there are no recalls on that item."

You won't be able to recall what your baby does when he or she comes homes, but with these tips you can be prepared ... kind of.