'Baby Nora' doing better

We have good news to report on the baby that has captured hearts all over the Tri-States.

KHQA spoke with Melinda the mother of the 7-week-old girl affectionately known as "Baby Nora".

She says her daughter has been awake for the last couple of days.

Her heart is stabilized and she went all day on Sunday without any pain medication.

"Baby Nora" has been breathing on her own for about four days and Monday she was taken off of the ventilator.

She is currently at the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Melinda says she has no idea at this time when "Baby Nora" will get to come home.

Melinda also confirmed for KHQA that, Dustin T. Dye, the man arrested in Hannbal this past weekend for hurting a 7-week-old baby is her former boyfriend.

Marion County Prosecuting Attorney David Clayton announced this weekend that two counts of assault in the first degree were filed against Dye.

Dye is accused of causing serious physical injury to the baby girl.

In a press release, Prosecuting Attorney Clayton went on to say, "It is shocking that a person could (allegedly) intentionally cause this type of harm to such a defenseless infant. My thoughts and prayers are with the baby and her family as hopefully they can start and continue a process of healing, physically and mentally. The Marion County Prosecutor's office will work closely with all contributing law enforcement and social service agencies to assure that this little girl and her family receive the justice they so much deserve."

If convicted, Dustin T. Dye could face up to two consecutive life sentences.