Baby Ella back in Quincy

Getting ready to come home!

A little girl known to many in Quincy as Baby Ella is back home with her family.

Ella Cain suffered major burns over more than half of her body in a house

fire on Jan. 3


She spent the last three months recovering at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Ill.

At first, doctors believed she might have to stay in the hospital for a year.

But Ella overcame the odds, to the surprise of both her team of doctors and family members.

On Sunday night, Ella's mother, Sarah Ginster, broke the good news to her family, friends and Baby Ella supporters over



Ginster and Ella's father, Elvis Cain, have stayed at their daughter's bedside since the beginning of her treatment.

"Well Elvis and I have some great news! We wanted to share with you guys since we are sharing all of Ella's up's and downs, and you have been supporting us through them all...we have been keeping a little secret! We have been back in Quincy with Ella since Friday afternoon! :) THATS RIGHT QUINCY WE ARE BACK!! :) We are asking everyone to please give us just a little space and a little privacy while we adjust to our "new normal" with our kids! Ella has just changed so much since we have gotten home! She is talking more, eating more, sleeping well, and has a WAY more relaxed look on her face! :) She is turning back into OUR little baby again! :) Her personality is still there. We are by no means done with everything, there will be another surgery down the line and there will be therapies and nurses in and out of our home for awhile to help with Ella! :) Ella will NOT be out in public for quite sometime, as her immune system is not 100% yet, and we will not be allowing many visitor for the same reason! :) We are hoping by summer she will be back up and running 100%! :) Elvis and I appreciate all the prayers and thoughts! :) I will tell you that I have not smiled as much as I have this weekend since Jan 3rd! My family is whole again....Grady, and the Girls were here Saturday and I just sat and watched as a family became a family again! There were alot of tears when we left our precious team in Springfield! I will never forget them, who could forget them people who saved your baby and I know that Ella will hold a special place in their hearts! :) Also our angels in Springfield who always were ready with a hug, prayer and smile, will NEVER be forgotten! Ella doesn't know them yet but she will:) Cindy, Gary and Stephanie from West Side Church! Last we wanted to thank you Facebook friends...your kind words have lifted us out of some dark places!"