Awareness tourney helps men dodge cancer

Qtown CrossFit and Blessing Hospital are teaming up to sponsor a dodge ball tournament to bring awareness to testicular cancer.

Dodge ball. It's a simple game with one goal in mind, get everyone on the opposing team out.

You don't need much to play, just a ball and a team.

QTown CrossFit and the Blessing Cancer Center are teaming for a dodge ball tournament for a good cause.

"They were just looking for a way to target young men to bring awareness to this disease," Katie Tappe Qtown CrossFit owner said.

"Testicular cancer is a cancer that effects men usually young between the ages of 18 through 35," Stephanie Willey a registered nurse at Blessing Hospital said.

Willey, a registered nurse at Blessing Hospital, says in 2014 more than 8,000 men are expected to be diagnosed with testicular cancer.

"It's a disease most men don't want to talk about, discuss or even think about that it will ever effect them," Willey said.

"A lot of guys my age think we're almost bulletproof and you know nothing can hurt us and obviously that's wrong," Kyle Zimmerman a member of Qtown CrossFit said.

Of those men that will be diagnosed with testicular cancer this year, 400 will die. A small number compared to other cancers.

These self examination pamphlets will be handed out at the tournament.

"It's very important for them to be doing their self examinations and when they go to the doctor once a year, for them to be doing an exam too," Willey said.

"It's one of those things that can kind of sneak up on you," Travis Corrigan a Qtown CrossFit coach said. "So it's better to aware of it beforehand."

Men should look for swelling and lumps during self examinations.

"The sooner that you catch it the quicker they can make sure you receive the treatment that you need," Tappe said.

"It's very treatable," Willey said.

A message, Willey hopes that men learn quickly so that when they take the field in life they can dodge cancer.

Watch teams compete in intense dodge ball games on KHQA This Morning by clicking, here.

The dodge ball tournament is this Saturday at the Quincy University Fitness Center.

The games start at 2 p.m., and are open to the public.

You can sign up to play by clicking, here.