Avenue Beat headed to Nashville

Sam Backoff, Savanah Santos, and Sami Bearden make up the trio Avenue Beat.

One week from Wednesday night, some Tri-State talent gets to show off their stuff in Nashville.

Avenue Beat is a trio of 16-year-old girls from Quincy who have their sights set on the big time.

Meet Avenue Beat. Sam Backoff, Savanah Santos and Sami Bearden.

The three girls met at a theater camp. Once they started singing and playing together, they felt they had something special.

"We play a bunch of different styles of music. It depends on who we're catering to. We can do a lot of country and contemporary, but also some indie and whatever we feel like," Savanah Santos said.

On Wednesday, July 9, the trio is performing in Nashville at a couple of high profile places.

"Next week is just getting there. Getting exposure ... just ... you never know who you're going to run into while you're there, and it's all about making connections," Sam Backoff said.

"Even the experience is going to be really good for us. Last time it was, and it's a really nice place to be. It's just ... it feels good there," Sami Bearden said.

The last time was just last month. The girls were invited to Music City to perform leading up to CMA Music Fest. Their guitar coach, Rodney Hart went with them.

"We were one of the first acts to play down there. It was very cool. Nobody really knew they were down there. As soon as they started singing, people were walking in going, 'woah! Listen to that."

One of the people who heard the trio was Vinny Van Zant from the country duo Trailer Choir. Avenue Beat opened up for Trailer Choir earlier this year, and Vinny heard something he liked. Now, he's helping to open up doors for Avenue Beat in Nashville.

"The harmonies that they're singing are beyond that of most people their age. Most can't discover those kind of harmonies and sing them together. One of the biggest things they have going for them is they sing like seasoned singers," Van Zant said.

The girls are being very realistic about their trip to Music City, but they are also very optimistic that good things could happen. One of which, could be a record deal.

In the meantime ...

"All we want to do is get out there and play," Sam Backoff said.

Avenue Beat is also raising money so it can record an EP which it could then sell and hand out to record executives.

You can find more information on that by clicking here.

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