Audit in for Quincy Public School District

The audit is in for the Quincy Public School District ---and the chair of the finance committee says the financial picture looks better, but not without a cost.

Stephanie Erwin told the full board the finance committee is pleased with its recent audit report.

She says the district was able to reduce its education fund deficit from $8 million down to $2 million in one year.

But that reduction came at a cost to schools through cuts in programs and teachers.

The district is still on the financial watch list, so Erwin says the board still has plenty of work to do.

Erwin said, "It's good, but we need to keep working. We're going to have to do a deficit reduction plan to get rid of that $2.1 million deficit. We're discussing ways to do that."

Erwin has four kids in the Quincy Public School District.

KHQA asked her what the biggest challenges are when it comes to serving on the Quincy School Board.

She says, "It's just trying to find that balance to give those students the best education we can with limited resources."

Erwin says the Quincy School District has one of the lowest tax levies in the State of Illinois.