Arrest over heavy-duty fireworks explosion inside apartment complex

Trenton L. Sealock, 19

A Bardolph, Illinois man was arrested Monday morning in connection with a fireworks show that damaged the interior of an apartment complex.

The McDonough County Sheriff's Office night patrol responded to reports of an explosion and smoke at the apartment building at 208 West Spruce Street in Bardolph.

An investigation found that a "mortar" type firework had exploded inside the building.

Trenton L. Sealock, 19, was arrested Monday at approximately 8 a.m. Sealock is charged with aggravated arson, criminal damage to property over $500 and disorderly conduct.

The McDonough County Sheriff's Office reports that Sealock was arrested for throwing the explosive into the complex and setting it off.

The explosion caused several burnt areas within the complex.

No one was injured in the incident.