Area kids witness trauma first-hand

There was a car accident just outside of Mission Hills Baptist Church in Palmyra Wednesday night.

But it was all planned.

Students who attend school there and other area youth turned out for the 2nd Annual Trauma Day.

It's a sound that creates an uneasiness in your stomach -- the sound that someone else is in danger.

That's exactly what these kids saw and felt Wednesday night outside Mission Hills Baptist Church.

"We want to create a preparedness in the young people to know that not only their spirits aside, but we're worried about their well being as far as safety," organizer Chuck Mayrand said.

The Palmyra Fire Department, Marion County Ambulance District, Air Evac and other emergency crews responded to a simulated car accident. Organizers used a dummy that resembled an adult in the front of the seat, and one that resembled a small child in back.

"You gotta know what's gonna happen if you're in an accident. It just helps you know and not be panicking during an accident," Student Isaac Gottman said.

"I believe it shows awareness that there's danger out there, and we want to prepare the kids for what can happen, and how they'd be taken care of in an event that they're in a serious accident," Mayrand said.

He hopes the event will grow each year.