Area greenhouses gearing up for spring

Karen Wellman, the Grower Manager at Wellman Florist and Greenhouse looks at spring flower catalog.

Old man winter will still be hanging around for a while.
But what should warm you up, is knowing local greenhouses are already preparing for your springtime gardens.

In just a few weeks greenhouses like this one at Wellman Florist and Greenhouse in Quincy will be overflowing with pots and starter plants.

But what you may not know is the planning for your spring sprouts began back in August. That's the word from Karen Wellman, the Grower Manager at Wellman Florist and Greenhouse. Click here to learn about the process of how plants are chosen for local greenhouses.

"I always want something new and innovative each year to draw people here," Wellman said.

Wellman chose colors and varieties in the fall, with seeds and small plant plugs like this arriving in January. Click here to watch seedlings planted at Wellman Florist and Greenhouse in Quincy.

Then the planting begins - kicking off the busiest season of the year.

"We have four other people here, plus with Valentine's day it's really busy," Wellman said.

After the planting, Wellman says it's all about how you water. Click here to watch proper watering techniques from KHQA This Morning.

"With Watering you want to make sure everything goes down and saturates the soil," Wellman said. "The soil is where it's at. If your roots are not wet, you're going to show signs of yellowing and degrading of the plant until it actually passes."

It's planning and constant care from experts like Wellman that give these tiny plants a head start for your future garden. Click here to watch Wellman plant plugs into hanging baskets.