Are the docks too close to sewage?

The flood of 2008 still are causing problems in Keokuk.

The South Side Boat Club was destroyed in the flood and had to be rebuilt.

The new building opened in November of last year.

All that was missing was the dock.

The Boat Club moved the dock a few weeks ago -- without the city's permission.

However, it's a bigger issue than you might think.

"One of the parts of the South Side Boat Club is if you can't tie boats up there, basically all you have is a club house. So, we've never had a problem with them putting docks a bay. The problem arose because right up river is a discharge from our sewer," says Mayor Tom Marion.

The city of Keokuk currently is doing a storm sewer separation. That will separate sanitary and storm sewers. That project isn't quite done. The discharge from the sewer can cause a number of issues... Ecoli being one of them.

"The EPA is trying to work with us, or we're trying to work with them. But our sewage experts tell us that it's really not appropriate to have a dock right that close," says Marion.

One solution could have been to leave the dock where it was. But it was a walk from the boat club. Another solution is to put up no swimming signs... But everything depends on what the Environmental Protection Agency says. If the EPA says there's a problem, they'll have to take a different step. Mayor Marion says this isn't a problem that will go away anytime soon either.

Mayor Marion says, "We have experts that we deal with, specialists, that are handling our sewer project. And they indicate for the next 20 years there's still going to be an outflow there from the storm sewer and there could be problems there."

After the separation project is complete, the sewage will go down.

For now, boat club boats can't be tied up to the dock.

KHQA will continue to follow this story, so check back for further details.