Are plants as confused with the weather as us?

Many of you noticed that we quickly have gone from the greenery of Christmas to the greenery of Spring and the question is...are the plants as confused with the weather as the rest of us?

For the answer to that question and more we visited today with Ted Genenbacher, co-owner of Frese Ornamental Nursery in Quincy.

"Some of the evergreens were planted last fall and the only water that they are depending on is the water right around them because of how dry it was last fall. Some of the things that I am most worried about are going to be more pest related, you know did we have enough cold to kill off the pest or not. I also worry about some of the sap flow going back up into the shade's too early to tell but for the most part Mother Nature will take care of herself."

Ted also says that you should cover up any bulbs you see sneaking out from the ground because a mid-winter freeze may not treat them well.