Another successful Strong Kids campaign for the YMCA

The YMCA has had another successful Strong Kids campaign.The call went out in Pike, Brown and Adams county for support of the youth and family programs of the "Y" and people around the tri-states showed their support.In total the campaign raised $178,895.That money will be used to continue programs that help fight one of the biggest health issues in our area...obesity." Childhood obesity and adult obesity are serious problems here in West Central Illinois," says YMCA CEO Mark Spiegelhoff. "And the YMCA is a critical piece in helping families understand how important it is to lead healthy lifestyles. And to give them the tools through our facilities and programs in order to lead those healthy lifestyles."

Spiegelhoff says that what's great about this campaign is that whichever county the YMCA you donated to is in, that money stays in that county to help support the programs for in your area.