Another chance for you to make a difference with your Pepsi yellow caps

On Thursday evening KHQA visited the Ayerco gas station at 48th and State in Quincy to talk about another opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors through the Pepsi yellow caps program.

All of the Ayercos are giving you a chance to make a dream come true for some our most special citizens ... our veterans.

Take your caps to area Ayercos or find out how you can donate directly to Honor Flight by clicking



We spoke with Randy Boyer with

Refreshment Services Pepsi

(see video above).

Boyer says that the Pepsi yellow caps program will begin to wind down at the end of April but you will still be able to turn in caps for a little while after that.

Then in May, Pepsi will hold a redemption day when all the caps are gathered from around the area.