Annual Princess Tea party

Palmyra, MO-- Hundreds of little girls came dressed to impress with their moms and dads, in fancy dresses, sporting tiaras and crowns, just like princesses from a fairy tale. The Annual Princess Tea Party is not just about tea time, it's a celebration of life.

9-year-old Emily Goellner was only 2-1/2-years old when she was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer. She's here today as a living testimony of how she beat the odds.

"They told us that it was 80/20 at the time, that there was a 20% chance that she could survive the cancer if they could reduce the size of the tumor, if they could do surgery," said Emily's mom, Yvonne Goellner.

"The day the doctor told us that they couldn't do surgery, it's a complete helpless feeling because you don't know if your daughter is going to still be around or not," Yvonne told us tearfully.

But with the help of prayers and a miracle, the tumor reduced in size, and little Emily was cancer free. So her mother holds this fundraiser to raise awareness, hoping that one day a cure is found.

" I feel its our responsibility to share what God did for us during that time frame, because the odds were against us," Goellner says.

Emily had few words to say, but told us this is a special day for her.

Why is this day so special?

Emily Goellner says," Because I had cancer, and I feel better."

As mothers and daughters listened to the Goellner's story, there was not a dry eye in the room, mothers held their daughters tight building strong bonds, and a feeling of togetherness.

Kim Whittler says," We've been coming to this the past three years, and we've really enjoyed coming together, haven't we?" She asks her daughter. Her daughter Emma says, "yes."

100% of donations from this fundraiser will go to the American Cancer Society. The event raised almost $2,000.