Animal neglect complaints lead to Quincy dog rescue

Quincy police confiscated an emaciated yellow lab from a home on the city's south side Thursday afternoon.

Several concerned residents told KHQA they have complained to the police department about the dog at 725 South 6th Street for years.

Complaints ranged from the dog not receiving adequate nutrition, being left out in extreme frigid and hot temperatures and not having a long enough tether.

The dog owner told KHQA he's livid that his dog was taken away.

"I did everything in the book," Robert Goodwin said. "The dog catcher even told me I'm doing a good job. I'm putting hay out there for her and bring her in once in a while. I got her vitamins. I feed her every night. It's not my fault she doesn't eat or drink. There's my proof. She dumps her water. How is that my fault?"

"We were going to take care of it tomorrow and try to get the dog surrendered to us," Quincy Police Department Sgt. Kathy Schisler said. "A couple of alderman came out and threatened to get it. The dog had some medical problems and was causing it to be underweight. It's going to to be medically checked out."

KHQA did a little digging and found this isn't Goodwin's first brush with law when it comes to animals.

He was arrested, charged and found guilty of animal cruelty in 2007.