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      Animal hospital lends helping hand during Colorado Black Forest Fire

      Professional dog trainer Bob Warren is going to face some challenges getting back on his feet following the Black Forest Fire.

      Warren owns a home based business called Mutt Masters .

      Thanks to the open heart and door of Dr. Victoria Wynn, Bob was able to bring his 12 dogs and four cats to Timberview Animal Hospital for safe keeping.

      "We just put everything that needed to go," Bob Warren said. " Didn't have time for the clothes, but dogs, cats go first. So no panic. It was just, you just do."

      "The first person that come in was Bob with all his animals," Dr. Victoria Wynn said. "He showed up, walked in. I said, "Hi, how ya doin?" He said, "I'm here with all my animals." And I said, " Well come on in and lets get them out of the heat."

      Bob said the uncertainty of not knowing what your future holds is like starting at zero.

      His home and business did survive the fire, but he's been told that he will be in the last group of people to be permanently allowed back in.