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      And the bakers lived happily ever after

      Jill Thomas is the operations manger at Krazy Cakes Cafe and Bakery but this Saturday she'll be making her debut as a baker.

      "Now that I'm actually starting to put it all together it's actually really scary because I'm good to an extent but there are some things that I'm way over my head on," Thomas said.

      She'll compete in the extreme cake competition at Cake-A-Palooza. And she's not just up against anybody, her boss Amber Lynn Martin is also competing.

      "I know I'm going to win with my cake decorator because we've done this for almost 365 days in the last year and even years before that," Martin said.

      Martin competed in last year's Cake-A-Palooza, winning second place. She went on to open Krazy Cakes in Quincy.

      "We were told I believe we did 395 cakes last year so that was in our first year so we've gotten lots of practice which is really great," Martin said. "Hopefully we'll bring something to the competition that we didn't last year."

      But even with all of this competitive spirit the real winners of the event will be the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA.) All the money raised will go to fund its supportive housing program.

      "When I first started the YWCA so many people didn't know what we did," Quincy YWCA executive director, Mary Muehlenfeld said. "This has put us back on the map. People know who we are, they know what we're doing and they know that the programs we're running are really making a difference in the community."

      Thomas wants to help that cause but she also wants to win those bragging rights.

      "It's going to be a lot of hours in the nest couple of days getting things I can pre-work on and it's just going to be really intense during the competition," Thomas said. "Game on."

      There are four teams competing in the extreme cake competition, all from local bakeries. This year's Cake-A-Palooza theme is "And they lived happily ever after...".

      You can be part of Cake-A-Palooza by going to the Quincy Mall this Saturday.

      The event starts at noon, and the extreme cake competition starts at 1 p.m.