An alleged principal/student assault at a Southeast Iowa School


Elizabeth Moore's son was sent to the Central Lee Middle School principal’s office on March 28th.

He was sent there after a prayer session he attended got disrupted.

Moore said her son was upset but did not say anything to the principal in the office.

Her son walked out of the office to call his mom on the phone and that's when the alleged assault took place.

"As he was walking through the lobby, she came up behind him and grabbed him by the back of the sweat shirt and yanked him off his feet backwards," Moore explained.

The altercation between the principal and Moore's son was caught on camera.

"You can't put your hands on a child," Moore mentioned.
"From my perspective, it wasn't assault," Central Lee School District Superintendent Andy Crozier pointed out.

Crozier said the situation happened differently from the school's perspective.

"When the student was approaching the exit doors, she grabbed him by the sweat shirt and then escorted him back into the office," Crozier said.

He explained the student was escorted back to the office for his own safety.

Moore has now sought legal advice.

"I was surprised to see the lawsuit," Crozier said.

She filed an assault lawsuit against the school district.

As a teacher herself, Moore mentioned laying hands on a student is wrong.

"That's exactly what she did, so yes very upsetting," Moore explained.

Crozier mentioned the district plans to fight the case and says the actions were suited for the situation.

"We don't feel like it's assault by any means," Crozier explained.
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