Ameren: Kochs Lane substation improvements to increase reliability

Jeremy Rittenhouse, right, apprentice substation electrician, tests the current being induced on the capacitors inside the Quincy bulk substation as Steve Trone, substation electrician, watches and reads the results.

Major improvements are now complete at a bulk substation near Kochs Lane in Quincy.

Ameren announced that the project was a $9.5 million upgrade and will "improve energy delivery reliability and reduce outages for the community and surrounding area."

The project took two years and doubled the footprint of the substation with additional transformers and equipment that included smart sensors and switches to detect and isolate outages faster.

According to Ameren Illinois, a bulk substation, like the one in Quincy, is the first step in a process that reduces voltage levels received from transmission lines before the energy reaches customers.

Ameren Illinois invested an additional $460,000 toward the following:

- $135,000 to install reclosers at 34th and Harrison Substation. Substation reclosers are switching devices that detect problems on the power lines. These advanced devices do a better job of isolating system issues â?? and that means fewer outages and faster restoration times.

- $185,000 to upgrade switches at the 3rd Street and Jefferson substation.

- $140,000 to upgrade substation switches in Mt. Sterling.

â??Ameren Illinois is investing in electric infrastructure upgrade projects over the next 10 years to ensure that communities in the Quincy area have the capacity to grow and handle increases in the demand for energy," said Bruno Stopka, Director of Division II for Ameren Illinois. â??We cannot wait until infrastructure improvements are needed. We have to focus forward, understand and plan for what our customersâ?? energy needs will be in 2030 and build now.â??